Circle Keepers

To reflect our Tribal values, we refer to our governing body as the Circle Keepers.

To ensure the needs of the organization are met, tasks have been delegated and reflect the functions of a traditional Board of Directors. Major decisions are made collectively to reflect the universal Tribal value of being inclusive and for the benefit of all Tribal members, reservation, rural or urban, in the State of Minnesota, regardless of Tribal affiliation. Our By-Laws require that the leadership of the Circle Keepers consist of American Indian and/or Alaska Native women. The Circle Keepers shall consist of no more than ten and no less than five members.

Grey haired Indian woman with red hand print over lower face

2021 Circle Keeper Applications

We are currently seeking new Circle Keepers to serve from October 2021-October 2024.

Please complete the Circle Keeper application and submit by October 15th, 2021

For more information, please contact Linda!

MIWSAC has a strong sisterhood within the coalition and strives

to empower and support one another in the work to end sexual violence against American Indian and Alaska Native women and children.

MIWSAC strives to incorporate our culture and spirituality into everything we do,

including our internal policies and the work we do within the community.

Keeper of Traditional Ways

Maret Banks

Keeper of Finances

Kate Kalk

Keeper of Records

Rachel Goodsky

Circle Keepers

Esther Humphrey

Kateri O’Keefe

Lynette Londo

Sarah Curtiss

Anne Haines Holy Eagle