Men's Sexual Violence Prevention Poster Series


MIWSAC staff worked with Native men across the state to create an outreach and awareness series, consisting of 21 posters speaking out against sexual violence in our Indigenous communities and the role men play in teaching, healing and embodying social change.

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If you are interested in ordering posters for your organization or community, reach out to [email protected]!


Men's Panels

MIWSAC continues to hold space for ongoing Conversations, where our menfolk gather to share their own experiences, to teach, learn, and model their own self-reflection, healing, growing, and supporting survivors of sexual violence. 

Watch our most recent Virtual Men’s Panel below, held in April of 2021. If you are interested in deepening and expanding these essential conversations amongst other menfolk, please reach out through [email protected]!

Making Space to Rise Discussion Guide

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*The pandemic has interrupted our in-person gatherings, but we hope to resume the Men's Summits soon!*

The purpose of these Men's Summits were to create culturally meaningful spaces and offer tangible resources and support for Native men/masculine folk to self-organize, plan, create their own activities and agenda, and gather safely with one another to heal, build trust, explore solutions, and gain momentum in ending gender-based violence.

MIWSAC remains committed to deepening our efforts by creating space for ALL of us to Indigenize masculinity and decolonize the ways in which we do our collective work.

These Summits are our humble invitation to ALL of us to work for freedom from violence and wellness in each of our communities!