What We Do

The Minnesota Indian Women’s Sexual Assault Coalition (MIWSAC) is a statewide Tribal coalition and national Tribal technical assistance provider. MIWSAC has worked since 2001 to end gender-based violence and enhance Tribal, state, and federal responses to sexual violence and sex trafficking.

MIWSAC uses culturally based training, technical assistance, strategies, resources, tools, and a wide range of events and activities to engage and support survivors of sexual violence, advocates, service providers, community, and allies that are working to end sexual violence and sex trafficking across Minnesota’s 11 federally recognized Tribal Nations, urban Native bases, and Tribal communities across the country.

MIWSAC’s work is grounded in the philosophy that each of us have a role, purpose, and place in eradicating sexual violence. As we galvanize across gender, race, age, orientation, expertise, and experience, we are all safer.

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Education & Training

Public Awareness

Membership & Outreach

Prostitution and Trafficking of Native Women

Engaging Native Men and Boys in Sexual Violence Prevention


Vision Statement

Creating Safety and Justice Through the Teachings of Our Grandmothers