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Current Openings

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The work of the Minnesota Indian Women’s Sexual Assault Coalition is grounded in the ancestral knowledge that we all carry. Each of us has a gift to contribute to the whole.

Our people are passionate about learning, co-creating, and dedicated to living out the mission and values of our organization.
While our main office is located in St. Paul, Minnesota, our staff resides across the country.
Our work is intentionally collaborative and always survivor centered. We like to laugh; we like to talk; we love to do this work!
We thrive with people who are committed to a balanced, healthy, violence free world. Are you interested in addressing the root causes of sexual violence? Are you a fierce advocate, a community organizer, an engaging presenter, or do you love doing the behind-the-scenes work that helps keep everything going?
Do you see the intersections of oppression, racism, patriarchy, homophobia and sexual violence? Are you ready to explore the learning edges of our movement?
If so, MIWSAC may be the place for you!
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