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Please feel free to reach out to MIWSAC at any time. Please note that MIWSAC does not provide direct advocacy services. You can find free and confidential advocacy services here.



Executive Director: Nicole Matthews

Office Manager: Jennifer Scoggin

Operations Director: Linda Thompson

Finance Manager: Iweda Riddley

Communications & Design Specialist: Becki Jordan

Statewide Tribal Coalition:

Education & Training: Cristine Davidson

Membership & Outreach: Theresa Knife Chief

Community Engagement Coordinator: Naida Medicine Crow

COVID-19 Support Coordinator: April Russell

National Training & Technical Assistance:

Elevate|Uplift T/TA: Shayla Beaumont

National Tribal Sexual Assault Resource Center Coordinator National TA : Jolene Engelking

TSASP National TA: Stephanie Bridwell

TSASP National TA: Deb Bush

Tribal Clearinghouse National TA: Afton Delgado

Project Beacon: Currently Hiring

Vision Statement

Creating Safety and Justice Through the Teachings of Our Grandmothers