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Welcome to the new Minnesota Indian Women’s Sexual Assault Coalition Blog!

Welcome to the new Minnesota Indian Women’s Sexual Assault Coalition Blog!This year we have worked hard designing a new website. We sure hope you enjoy the art, news, opportunities, and projects showcased here. The new website and MIWSAC Blog are both being released close to the 2020 Winter Solstice. This is a beautiful coincidence. The Winter Solstice is a traditional time of crafting, creativity, sharing, being gentle with ourselves (and each other), giving and receiving life learnings through storytelling, and ceremony/festivities. The MIWSAC blog will focus on a similar path of education, storytelling, and creative ways of supporting each other across tribal nations to end sexual violence.We will take aim to share news on emerging issues/trends, event information, and other culturally-relevant advocacy approaches, content, models, resources, and tools within Minnesota and across Turtle Island nations to end sexual violence and sex trafficking in tribal, rural, and urban communities. We also have big hopes for the new year of 2021 with topic consultations from grassroots & national organizations, tribal communities, youth, elders, Survivors, and advocates with traditional teachings for guidance on the best ways to deepen healthy, collaborative, and spiritual connections to each other while we collectively take aim to end violence and injustice to heal.This monthly blog is also an opportunity to share information during awareness months and anti-violence work throughout the year. We are excited to share the anti-violence activities or events in your community. Please email [email protected] to submit a request or share information for future blog postings and discussions.We look forward to growing with you as we embark on this new journey. Thanks for stopping by!

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