Through unity we will strengthen our voices and build resources to create awareness and eliminate sexual violence against Indian women and children.

Our Indigenous values are rooted in collective interdependence. We are stronger together!

The Minnesota Indian Women’s Sexual Assault Coalition exists to support culturally-grounded, grassroots advocacy; and to provide national leadership and technical assistance to end gender-based violence. We support the development of local and national policy, and capacity building of Indigenous communities to end all forms of violence and oppression; including racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism, ageism, and all other acts of violence that impede the safety and wellness of all people. 

Our work does not end with tribal communities, but is also interwoven with other marginalized communities that experience institutional, systemic, and racial oppression and violence. 

We are the people

MIWSAC holds trainings throughout the year to help bring awareness and equip members of the community. 

Check out our events calendar for more information.

We are still here...

It is time to stop holding the survivors of sexual violence accountable for the trauma and pain inflicted upon them. We need help from our community members to make a difference.

Native women experience the highest rates of sexual violence of any population in the United States. Our community remains silent because of generational trauma and retaliation. We want to create a “Circle of Support and Safety” for our women.

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